Standard Massage Pricing:

$60/ hour
$85/ 90 minutes
$120/ 2 hours

*Everyone receives water and chocolate with every massage.

(please have a check or cash as backup
 in case of internet issues. Thanks!)


Other Services and Styles Available:

3 card reading- $15 

10 card traditional spread- $40

Home Visit Massages
Cant come to me? Let me come to you! Subject to pre massage interviews either in person on on the phone. 

$85/ hour
$125/ 90 minutes
$155/ 2 hours

Hot Stone Massage
Connect with the energies of the rivers with a river rock massage.  The stones are hot and very detoxifying and good for increasing circulation.  A hot stone massage is very therapeutic and a wonderful addition to any massage.  The prices listed below are for FULL BODY hot stone treatments.  

$80/ hour
$115/ 90 minutes

Body Wrap and Exfoliation
gets your lymph flowing and skin rejuvenating with a natural brush exfoliation and moisturizer application.  You will then be wrapped up snugly with heat (hot stones and table heat) and receive a neck and foot massage.  This treatment is 45 BLISSFUL minutes. - $50

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